Da Firenze Con Amore


A Series of Culinary Events From Around the World

Cooking class/demonstration by Italian Chef Andrea Gargani
September 26, 2020

Andrea Gargani

Andrea was born in Firenze in October 1971. Son of Sharon Oddson-Gargani, a beautiful Canadian born lady who went to Italy on a family vacation at 16 years of age, met charismatic Giuliano Gargani and never came back home. Until 1979, when the later iconic restaurant opened its doors, his father Giuliano, better known as “Il Garga” was considered one of the best butchers in town, so since a little baby Andrea grew up breathing the essence of good food. He started working with them at their restaurant in late 1985, being only 14 years old when they instilled in him the passion for cooking. Trattoria Il Garga became one of the hot spots in Florence (named after charming Giuliano Gargani). During those years, working side by side with 2 of the most emblematic culinary references in Florence, he learned that food not only feeds the body but also the soul. He also learned that food is a mission and will always be a part of who you are. Trattoria Gargani was a place where artists from all disciplines would get together to enjoy a phenomenal meal and then stay for an extra bottle of wine and conversation until the wee hours of the morning.
Andrea’s dixit: A Chef is like a doctor, if you take the wrong medicines you feel sick, same thing happens when you eat a bad meal!! 
  • $50.00 includes the class, glass of wine and live music