About Dante Alighieri Winnipeg

The Dante Alighieri Society’s mission is to assist the Italian community to maintain and develop Italian language and culture all over the world.

The Dante Alighieri Cultural Society offers Italian language classes at the K-12 and adult levels at Holy Rosary Church – Lower Level.

We are always looking for teachers and assistants for Italian school and if you are interested, please send a resume to danteschoolwpg@gmail.com. We are looking for teachers in the younger grades and we are also looking for assistants.

The Dante Alighieri Cultural Society also wishes to thank the following organizations for their generous support throughout the year:

  • The Italian Foreign Affairs Office – The Government of Italy
  • The Multiculturalism Secretariat – Manitoba provincial government
  • Order Sons and Daughters of Italy – Garibaldi Lodge, Winnipeg
  • La Lupa di Roma Lodge of Winnipeg
  • The Fogolar Association of Winnipeg

It is thanks to your generosity that the Dante Alighieri Cultural Society is able to maintain its
language and cultural courses for the children and adults in our community.

Mille grazie per la vostra generosità!!